Lisa C.

My son saw Dr. Hall a year or so ago for a deviated septum. Recently my 82 year old dad has been having trouble with fluid behind his ear. He went to two other ENTs who were unable to give him any relief. I suggested we try one more time with Dr. Hall because he was great with my son. Dr. Hall listened to my dad’s complaint, sympathized with him and did a very thorough exam where he spotted the fluid. He gave my dad choices in how it could be treated and we made a plan. A week later we went back to check in and needed to do an in-office procedure to remove the fluid. Again, Dr. Hall gave my dad several options and we went with his recommendation. After 3 months of feeling like his ears were clogged up, my dad woke up today feeling great and hearing more clearly! The combination of listening to my dad and a thorough exam solved my dad’s discomfort. All ENTs are not equal- see Dr. Hall!