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Patient Resources

Patient Testimonials

  • I had a perforation in my eardrum that wasn’t healing on its own so I was referred to Dr. O’Brien for a tympanoplasty. It was my first surgery so I was a little nervous but he took the time to answer all my questions and walked me through the entire process. The surgery was successful and my eardrum is back to normal. He was great!

  • Dr. Kramer understood the concerns my adult autistic son had and treated him. The follow up visit showed his infection was gone and his ears looked good. Thank you!

  • Dr. Rancitelli has been my allergist for over a decade. He is patient and very knowledgeable. He takes the time to explain my medical conditions and treatments, with a great deal of honesty and compassion. I have recommended him to many people I know. I am always comfortable and confident that I will get the best care possible with each visit.

  • Staff was incredibly helpful and nice. Office was very clean and there was free coffee In the waiting room. Dr. Katz was very nice, intelligent, and more helpful than the other two ophthalmologists I have seen for my condition. I highly recommend this office!

    - Abbey G.
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Powell’s for about 10 years now and absolutely love the Ohio ENT team! They are always able to address my issues quickly and they’ve been lifesavers when it comes to my continuous ear issues. Highly recommend!

    - Abby B.
  • I love Dr. David Powell!! I’ve been seeing him for over 3 years now!! I have nothing but positive things to say about him!! I use to get sick so often and went through so many doctors that could help me or had no clue on what was going on. Dr. Powell instead, from the first vist was so helpful, knew exactly what was going on and since than my quality of life is so much better. They answer the phone and are available every single time I need them for anything! Staff is really friendly and helpful as well!! I really recommend this doctor for anyone that need a great professional.

    - Aby S
  • Brilliant place with friendly people. The Dr is amazing and courteous so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place.

    - Abzy A.
  • The best allergist you can find I recommend everyone visit Dr. Bagenstose he is the best.

    - Alberta
  • Dr. Tobin is one of the few excellent doctors I’ve worked with. He comes prepared with your medical record, he listens with genuine curiosity, he explains his thinking and trusts your intelligence and desire to understand, and he does not rush. I trust him and I’m grateful to all the reviews out there who helped find him.

    - Alina H.
  • Dr. Tompkins was very professional and thorough. He was patient in answering all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Would definitely come back.

    - Alla
  • Excellent care and attention! Dr. Tompkins is fantastic with both visits and surgery. Highly recommend!!

    - Allison
  • Ohio ENT has been a huge blessing to my and my family’s healthcare needs for several years. When our ENT and Allergist retired in the same year, we were needlessly worried about their replacements Dr Tompkins & Dr Goebel are awesome. I also feel the need to give a shout out to Beth who is fabulous and keeps me straight on allergy shots and to Gina the speech therapist. The front desk folks are very helpful. The nurses are very patient with administering the breathing tests… They are wonderful with our kids too! Would definitely recommend this practice.

    - Amanda B.
  • I have only seen Dr. Martyn a few times, but he has always been very friendly and efficient. He has been willing to help me and offer additional help with my TMJ. I will continue to see him for any further issues I may have!

    - Amanda W.
  • Words cannot express what Dr. Bagenstose’s care has meant to me. Prior to working with Dr. Bagenstose, I had spent more time being sick from various upper respiratory infections than I had being healthy. Several general practitioners and even other specialists could not figure out WHY I kept getting sick. Finally I was referred to Dr. Bagenstose, who immediately got to work trying to figure out WHY. Tons of allergy tests and blood tests later, I had not just one answer, but a combination of three answers and three various treatments. Ultimately, Dr. Bagenstose knew where to look. He ordered blood tests that no other doctor had thought to order and the results gave us a pathway forward. I’ve just had the healthiest 7 months of my adult life thanks to Dr. Bagenstose. I’m incredibly grateful.

    - Amber G.
  • Dr. Hirsch is awesome! My husband and my kids are now 19 and 15, and Dr. Hirsch put ear tubes in their ears when they were both babies. When our daughter was 4, he removed her tonsils and adenoids. He secured our trust easily with his kindness and knowledge. Very recently, he helped us fix a very unusual and scary issue as a result of a head injury my son sustained. My husband and I are very thankful that Dr. Hirsch was able to give us peace of mind and take care of our son. We also liked that he spoke to our son (15) with a good rapport and included him in his treatment plan. As a result, our son also has confidence in and respect for Dr. Hirsch. In addition to all of this, every time we visit his office, we know that we will not wait. Often, if we show up a little early, we are out before our scheduled appointment time. As a busy family, we appreciate the consideration of our time. And, by the way, Dr. Hirsch’s photography displayed in the office is amazing!

    - Amy K
  • I am seeing Dr. Alfred Flemming for issues with my left ear. He is very thorough, attentive and compassionate in his care. I needed surgery to restore my hearing and he saw me in his office one day and scheduled me the very next day for the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Flemming at Ohio ENT!

    - Andra T
  • I am seeing Dr. Alfred Fleming for issues with my left ear. He is very thorough, attentive and compassionate in his care. I needed surgery to restore my hearing and he saw me in his office one day and scheduled me the very next day for the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Fleming at Ohio ENT!

    - Andra T.