The Cures Act: Information for Patients

The Cures Act: Information for Patients

The Cures Act is a recently enacted federal law intended to improve every patient’s access to their own medical record. The Cures Act calls for a person’s health data to be made available without delay on a secure patient portal.

As a patient of Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians, you can securely view your medical record, health history, limited lab and imaging results using our InteliChart Patient Portal. The Cures Act requests the following types of visit notes performed at Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians to be published as soon as they are signed by your provider:

  • All office visits and office procedures performed in our office after 9/1/2022 will be visible. Any services prior to 8/31/22 will need to be requested via release of information form which is available on our website and within the patient portal.
  • Diagnostic testing – includes spirometry and ENO (exhaled nitric oxide).
  • Imaging report – CT Scans performed at our office and imaging performed at an                                 OhioHealth facility.  
  • Lab Results – Only lab services obtained at an OhioHealth lab will be available in the portal  
  • Pathology Report – Only pathology results from OhioHealth will be available in the portal 
  • Medication lists


Many labs and hospitals send results directly to you through their own patient portals. Because of this, you may see sensitive lab or imaging results before the clinic or your provider has reviewed them and contacted you.

Some lab and imaging reports may not be viewable in the portal because they were not provided to us in an electronic format. If you are unable to find a lab or imaging report that you are looking for please contact our office.

Documents in your chart from outside sources, such as notes from your primary care provider and other referring physicians, are not published through the portal. You can get those documents directly from the provider who previously saw you.

Phone messages are not part of the core data set defined by the Cures Act and are also not published.

Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians is pleased to do our part to improve patient access to health records. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor’s office directly.

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