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About Dr. Burkhart

Dr. Burkhart received his B.A. from the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. He later earned his Doctor of Osteopathy from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then completed his internship at Doctor’s Hospital and his Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residency at Doctor’s Hospital.

Dr. Burkhart is a board-certified ENT (Otolaryngologist) specializing in treating children and adults with ear, nose, and throat conditions. He has been practicing for over 25 years and highly values his relationships with his patients and their families.

Dr. Burkhart lives in Hilliard with his wife and five children. In his free time, he loves to spend time with his family, playing guitar, tennis, and is an owner of a local arcade- Level One Bar + Arcade.

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Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Arts from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Medical College
Doctor of Osteopathy; Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Doctor's Hospital
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Doctor's Hospital
Hospital Affiliations
Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, Dublin Methodist Hospital, Doctor’s Hospital
ASC Affiliation
Board Certification
The American Osteopathic College of Otolaryngology

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Burkhart is incredibly friendly and patient. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and in a way I could easily understand. He always immediately knew the best course of action for my sinus problems and following surgery he was very responsive to all of my concerns. Recovery has been quick for me thanks to his quality work. Highly recommended!

- Evan C.

Great experience with Dr. Burkhart and his staff. Never having any type of surgery before he explained everything in detail. It was very easy to understand. Such a huge difference in how I can breathe now!

- Mike S.

I made a recent visit and was really afraid of going to the doctor but this was the best experience. During this COVID-19 era I’ve been hesitant to go too many places but Dr. Burkhart’s office was PREPARED at every step. The registration was simple and clear. I worked with Sara and she was professional and gave great instructions on the new process. Everything was done so well! If your looking for a really good ENT…this is the doctor to go to. About 7 years ago after a routine ear cleaning Dr. Burkhart noticed a lump under my husband’s chin…he suggested he get it checked out…he did and it was cancer. So I’m grateful! The wait time was 5 minutes. The office was very clean and before going into the office a temperature check was done…that took maybe 45 seconds and upon entering the office each patient was required to wash their hands at a conveniently located wash machine…who knew these even existed! The chairs were spaced out so no one sat close to each other and registration was quick because of the online registration and I was allowed to pay ahead of time…on-line. You can tell they’ve thought it out and want to keep the office workers safe as well as the patients.

- Tena

Dr. Burkhart was the first Ear Doctor to give me an answer to the issue I have been having.

- E. Steffan

Dr. Burkhart did a great job and his staff did as well. Kaleigh his Medical Assistant went above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions, she is truly an asset to his practice. I greatly appreciate Dr. Burkhart’s professionalism and his help. I would most definitely refer a friend or family member to him.

- Min. Duane L.

I take my Uncle to see Dr. Burkhart to have his ears checked. Dr. Burkhart is always professional and very efficient with our time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT physician.

- Earl D.

Dr. Burkhart was thorough in his explanation regarding the problems with my nasal structure that was causing chronic sinusitis. The surgery he performed has completely improved my breathing(sinus/septoplasty/bone spur removal/turbinate). Aesthetically, my nose was very crooked and he straightened my septum perfectly. The results of his surgery have been better than expected both in correcting the issue and physical appearance. Dr. Loochtan compassionately guided me through a complex sinus surgical process that included several procedures. His care and diligence in explaining everything to me eased my initial concerns, and the completion of the procedures themselves was life-changing for me. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Loochtan and the team.

- Todd M.