Could this be COVID-19 or is it my allergies?

Provided by: Roger Friedman, MD (Allergist/Immunologist)

This is a unique and challenging time for all of us! A question I often hear is, “Could this be COVID-19 or is it my allergies?” First of all, allergies, asthma and COVID-19 do have some similar symptoms, including a runny nose, sneezing and cough. Allergies will often also cause itchy nose, eyes and throat; COVID-19 does not. In addition, most allergy sufferers know they are allergic to the tree pollen that is currently out, so their symptoms will be worse after being outside.

With COVID-19, patients will often have a fever which doesn’t occur with allergies. The sudden loss of the senses of smell and taste is a newly discovered symptom of COVID-19.

I have given you a few helpful ideas but if you’re worried or unsure please call us, we are all available! With your safety in mind, we have found new ways to care for our patients. (IE: phone calls and/or telemedicine) Request an appointment at today! 

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