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Our Physicians Discuss Common Conditions

Dr. Scott Bagenstose (Allergist) and Dr. Alfred Fleming (ENT) discuss why having Allergy and ENT specialists together provides the best care for their patients on Good Day Marketplace


Dr. Michael Loochtan, ENT, discussing your Voice on Good Day Marketplace


Dr. Roger Friedman discussing Spring allergies


Dr. Cherie Ryoo Discussing What To Expect Before, During and After an Ear Tube Procedure


About Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians


Dr. Scott Bagenstose Discusses Sinusitis

Dr. Blaize O'Brien Discusses Air Travel and Ear Pain


Dr. Roger Friedman Discusses Peanut Allergies


Dr. Evan Tobin and Dr. Jeffery Hiltbrand Discuss Snoring


Dr. David Hauswirth Discusses Asthma Attacks


Dr. Alfred Fleming Discusses Pediatric ENT

Dr. Roger Friedman Discusses Allergies


Dr. Evan Tobin Discusses Nosebleeds


Patient Testimonials

NBC4 Daytime Columbus

Dr. Hauswirth discusses Asthma and Fall Allergies

Drs. Evan Tobin and Roger Friedman Discuss A Team Approach to ENT Issues


Dr. O’Brien Discusses the Benefits and Ease of Getting Ear Tubes

Dr. O'Brien Discusses Sleep Apnea

Dr. Friedman Discussed Food Allergies

Carolyn Gigliotti, Au.D. Discusses Hearing Protection and Treatment

Dr. Friedman Discusses New Peanut Butter Guidelines

Dr. Friedman Discusses Relief Remedies for Sneezing and Scratching

Dr. Tobin Discusses Nose Bleeds

Dr. Tobin Discusses Tonsils

Drs. James Lowery and Dawn Lowery Discuss Voice Care

Dr. Friedman Discusses Fall Allergies

Dr. Willett Discusses Ear Pressure