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Dr. Ashish Shah discussing pediatric ENT conditions on FOX’s Good Day Marketplace

Dr. Roger Friedman discussing Oral Immunotherapy on NBC 4 Daytime

Dr. Roger Friedman on FOX’s Good Day Marketplace discussing Oral Immunotherapy

Dr. Roger Friedman discusses Oral Immunotherapy with Tracy Townsend on 10 TV news

Dr. Evan Tobin, ENT, Discusses Our Nose & Sinuses on Fox’s Good Day Marketplace

Dr. David Hauswirth discusses Fall Allergies on Good Day Marketplace

Dr. Roger Friedman, Allergist, Discussing Oral Immunotherapy

Our Grove City office supports the Muscular Dystrophy Association! They had a cookout today to raise money for the MDA… GREAT JOB!!

GC MDA pic

Dr. Scott Bagenstose (Allergist) and Dr. Alfred Fleming (ENT) discuss why having Allergy and ENT specialists together provides the best care for their patients on Good Day Marketplace

Dr. Michael Loochtan, ENT, discussing your Voice on Good Day Marketplace

Dr. Roger Friedman discussing Spring allergies

irene retirment message

Drs. Evan Tobin and Roger Friedman Discuss A Team Approach to ENT Issues


Dr. Erica Glancy on ABC discussing spring allergies

Dr Lowery Retirement

After 63 years of practicing (ENT), Dr. Howard Lowery (founder of our practice) has retired!

His daily dedication, expertise and quest for quality of care will ever serve as guiding principles for our corporation.

Thank you, Dr. Howard for your lifelong contribution to medicine!best-docs-2017-web-page

Dr. David Hauswirth, Allergist, discusses Asthma and Fall Allergies

Carolyn Gigliotti, Au.D. discusses protecting and treating your hearing

Dr. Blaize O’Brien discusses children and ear tubes

Dr. Tobin Discusses Children’s Sinus Issues

Article about great strides in the research of curing peanut allergies. 


Your allergists hope to have some treatment options for food allergies within two to four years… we are very close!
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Dr. Friedman Discusses Remedies for Sneezing and Scratching 

Dr. Hauswirth explains epinephrine auto injectors

Dr. Roger Friedman discusses the new peanut guidelines for baby's on NBC’s Daytime Columbus

Dr. Friedman on 10 TV discussing #TealPumpkinProject

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Hearing Health Seminar 2016

Dr. David Hauswirth discusses spring allergies.

Dr. Hart retirement update:

Dr. Hart 2 

We checked in w/ recently retired Dr. Hart to see what she's been up to!‪

-Was it hard to get used to retirement?

(Dr. Hart)
After retirement I went full force into my daughter's wedding plans. Since she was married in Annapolis, it was quite time consuming. The wedding occupied all of my time immediately after retirement and was a major part of the decision to retire when I did. Like all weddings, it took months to plan and was over in a flash. It made the transition easy because I was so busy.

-Has it been relaxing or have you found new things to keep you busy?

(Dr. Hart)
My husband and I built a house in Lakewood Ranch, Florida just before I retired (Sarasota/Bradenton area). While we were building we intentionally left some things undone to give me future projects. So last winter I had two tiling projects and painted two rooms and a hallway. Those who know me well will not be surprised! Last summer I got the Ohio house in tip top shape and we sold it in October.

-What have you been doing to pass the time?

(Dr. Hart)
I have taken up golf again, joined the neighborhood book club and am the neighborhood representative to the community governmental board. Most recently I obtained my Real Estate License and started working on February 23 for Michael Saunders & Co. I have always been interested in home decor and the housing market and am really looking forward to a new career.

-What do you miss most about practicing medicine?

(Dr. Hart)
What I miss most about medicine - meeting people and their children. I miss the kids the most. Over the years I should have written down everything my patients said to me. So many had such wonderfully cute comments! I also miss my partners. What a great group. I am so glad that the last few years I went to the different offices. I also really miss Sharon and Carrie plus all the other people from work. I loved the break rooms at lunch time! They are the nicest and hardest working people ever.

Dr. Koegel retirement update:

dog mashup 2

 We checked in with recently retired Dr. Koegel to find out what he has been up to!

-Was it hard getting used to retirement living?

(Dr. Koegel)
I had no trouble adjusting to retirement. My days are full with caring for my dogs, reading, puttering around the house, and planning our next trip.

-Has your time been relaxing or have you been busy traveling?

(Dr. Koegel)
Since retiring, we’ve been spending our winters in Florida. Right now I’m looking out on a sunny day and palm trees. We’ve done a fair amount of travel: England, Italy, Mexico, New Orleans, and visits to my family in Washington, D.C.

-What has been your favorite experience so far?

(Dr. Koegel)
My favorite experience thus far has to be our trip to Italy. I had always wanted to visit the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. It houses the largest collection of artifacts from Pompeii. I got to tour it with a guide who has a Ph.D. in archaeology, and it was magnificent.

-What do you miss most about practicing medicine?

(Dr. Koegel)
What I miss most about no longer practicing medicine is the loss of contact with my patients-so many of them felt like friends and family to me. I often find myself wondering how they are doing, and wishing that I could watch “my children” among them grow up.

-How are your puppies?

(Dr. Koegel)
I have three dogs now. My dear Romo crossed the rainbow bridge two weeks after I retired. I now have two Cavaliers and one Labrador-they are all prospering. (See picture)