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IF YOU EXPECT TO HAVE ALLERGY TESTING DONE AT YOUR VISIT, DISCONTINUE ANTIHISTAMINES 5 DAYS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT. (We do not re-test yearly unless the patient is having new problems or if we have not seen the patient for three years. If you are not due for skin testing, please do NOT stop taking your medications.) If you have questions about whether or not you need testing at your next visit, please call our office at (614) 891-0550. Thank you.

BRAND                                 GENERIC

Alavert                                 Loratadine
Allegra                                 Fexofenadine
Atarax                                  Hydroxyzine
Benadryl                              Diphenhydramine
Clarinex                               Desloratadine
Claritin                                 Loratadine
Dramamine                          Diemnhydrinate
Phenergan                           Promethazine
Sinequan                             Doxepin
Xyzal                                   Levocetirizine
Zyrtec                                  Cetirizine

Nasal Sprays:

BRAND                                  GENERIC

Astelin                                   Azelastine
Astepro                                 Azelastine