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Your doctor may have suggested that a T&A (Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy) be considered as the definitive treatment of your throat / neck ailment. The following information will serve as a guide as to what to expect from this treatment option.



Who needs a T&A?

There are various indications for a Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. If your child suffers from recurrent or chronic tonsillitis despite antibiotic treatment (please refer to the section outlining information on Tonsillitis in this website), snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (pauses in breathing while sleeping), bad breath, malocclusion or dental abnormalities, chronic mouth-breathing, tonsillar stones (white pieces of material that looks like cottage cheese and have a foul smell), peritonsillar abscess (infection that has spread to the deeper structures of the throat and neck), or persistent fevers, ulcers in the mouth or swollen lymph nodes.


What is expected before surgery?

Your Primary Care Physician or Pediatrician will refer you to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT or Otolaryngologist) Specialist. At that visit, the specialist will examine your child and take a history documenting the information necessary to justify the procedure so that the Insurance Company understands the need for the T&A. Be sure to let your child know that surgery will not be performed at that initial visit. Many children assume that they are having surgery the same day as their initial visit and are very anxious about this. The most invasive thing that may occur is a throat swab, but even that is usually not necessary since the referring physician has likely already performed a throat swab for documentation purposes.  

You will be asked to avoid certain medications at least one week prior to surgery that might complicate the surgery such as Motrin®, Advil®, ibuprofen® or Aleve®. These medications tend to thin your blood and may put the patient at risk of bleeding. Although, do not be alarmed if your surgeon recommends using these same medications post-operatively for pain management in certain circumstances (usually younger children who cannot use narcotics).

The office staff will arrange for a surgical date that meets your needs and will take care of insurance questions and pre-certification of the surgery.

What is expected the day of surgery?

You will be contacted a day or two in advance, informing you of your scheduled surgical time. Depending on the time your surgery is scheduled or any unusual medical conditions your child has, you may be asked to show up for surgery about 1-2 hours before the scheduled surgery start time. Please remember to follow the advice of the staff as to having nothing to eat or drink before surgery. Not understanding the importance of NPO (not eating or drinking prior to surgery) status can delay or even cancel your case. If you still have questions regarding eating and drinking before surgery, do not hesitate to call the day before surgery is scheduled for the answers you need.

Upon arrival for surgery, your child will be checked-in and given an identifying “name tag” or wristband. The nursing staff will verify the surgery being performed and medications and allergies your child may have. These questions will be verified multiple times for safety purposes.

Most young children will not have an IV or needle inserted into the vein for fluid hydration until they are asleep.  However, there are some rare exceptions to this policy. In most cases, your child will be given a light sedative by mouth shortly before going into the operating room to help relieve any anxiety. Our staff does an excellent job dealing with your fears surrounding surgery and anesthesia. We have mastered this over the years and you will agree with our expertise when the day is over.

In general, the surgical time for a Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy is only about 20 minutes long. It often takes more time to do the required paperwork in the operating room than it does to actually perform the procedure.

Your surgeon will meet you just prior to surgery to ensure you have no last-minute questions or concerns. The surgeon will again meet with you as soon as surgery is completed to discuss the case and reassure you that all went well. At that time, the surgeon will give you an idea of what to expect in the recovery period, time out of school/sports, dietary restrictions, and medications needed to keep your child comfortable.

After about a 30-45 minute recovery, you will be asked to come back to the Recovery Room and visit with your child. During this period, your child may either still be asleep or be tearful. This is very natural, as your child is trying to wake up from anesthesia. Please follow the guidance of your Recovery Room Nurse, who has the expertise to manage your child’s needs.

What is expected after surgery?

You should plan on your child needing one week off school and sports. It is important to follow the nurse’s instructions on how to best keep your child hydrated (fluids are very important, more so than solid food). The nurse/surgeon may suggest pain medications such as Tylenol® (acetaminophen), ibuprofen (Motrin® or Advil®), or narcotics (depending on child’s age and whether obstructive sleep apnea exists or not). Patients will be given different directions regarding pain medications depending on their special circumstances.

Most children have a T&A performed as an “outpatient”. Those situations where the child must be admitted and the surgery performed as an “inpatient” for an overnight stay in the hospital are when the child usually suffers from either moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea, complex medical issues such as heart problems, or children under the age of 3 years of age. Children under the age of 3 are at risk of dehydration and thus are usually kept overnight in the hospital for fluid hydration.

Read Dr. Willett’s blog article about Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

Anatomy and Function

The term “Para” thyroid means adjacent to the thyroid. Thus, the parathyroid glands are small glands found in the neck adjacent to the thyroid gland. In general, there are four parathyroid glands in the neck attached to the posterior side of the thyroid gland. These glands are no bigger than a split pea. There are two parathyroid glands on each side of the thyroid gland.

The parathyroid glands may be found in unusual locations. These aberrant glands can be found buried within the thyroid tissue, in the upper chest (mediastinum), behind the trachea, behind the esophagus, or even near the carotid artery.  

Despite their proximity to the thyroid gland, the parathyroid glands have nothing to do with the thyroid. The sole function of parathyroid tissue is to regulate the calcium level in the bloodstream. The parathyroid gland secretes a hormone called Parathyroid Hormone (PTH level), which pulls calcium out of the bones and intestinal tract.

Disorders of the Parathyroid Glands

A Parathyroid Adenoma is a benign growth or tumor of the parathyroid tissue. It usually occurs as a single tumor, but there are rare reports of patients having two adenomas. These benign adenomas secrete an abundance of parathyroid hormone, resulting in hypercalcemia (elevated blood calcium level).

If this condition remains untreated, the patient will suffer complications such as broken bones, osteoporosis, kidney stones, kidney failure, constipation, muscle aches, bone aches, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Parathyroid Hyperplasia is a condition that causes all four parathyroid glands to become abnormally large. Usually, this condition occurs sporadically, but there are rare cases of hereditary parathyroid hyperplasia associated with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasias (known as MEN Syndromes). Also, it is common for patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Failure to have parathyroid hyperplasia. The results of untreated parathyroid hyperplasia are the same as those noted above with a parathyroid adenoma.

Parathyroid Carcinoma is very rare and usually associated with extremely high parathyroid hormone levels. It presents as a rock hard palpable mass in the neck.

Work-up and Evaluation

Typically, the patient presents after undergoing routine blood work revealing a persistently elevated calcium level. Further blood work reveals an elevated parathyroid hormone level. Vitamin D deficiencies may cause a falsely elevated parathyroid hormone level, but these patients will present with a low calcium level. Thus, patients with low Vitamin D simply need Vitamin D supplements to improve their elevated PTH level.  

Once a patient has been found to have an elevated serum (blood) calcium and PTH level, a test is performed called a Sestamibi Parathyroid Nuclear Scan (SPECT Scan). This study will assist the surgeon in identifying whether a single gland or multiple glands will require removal. Even though this study is helpful, it is not a guarantee that it will identify the abnormal glands.

Other studies that can be useful in helping the surgeon identify the location of the abnormal parathyroid tissue are neck ultrasounds, CAT scans and MRI scans. It is up to your surgeon to decide if these studies will be necessary.

Your doctor may recommend a Bone Density Study to determine the damage to the bones from hyperparathyroidism and bone degradation. A 24-hour Urine Test for Calcium may be obtained to see if the patient is dumping calcium into the urine in high levels resulting in the potential for kidney stones and kidney failure.


Parathyroid disease is a surgical problem. Your physician may anticipate that either only one parathyroid gland needs removal or multiple glands need removal. This depends on the pre-operative studies. Occasionally, the surgeon begins with the removal of only one gland, but ultimately has to remove multiple glands as dictated by the intra-operative findings.  

Parathyroid Surgery

Your doctor may recommend a Parathyroidectomy, which is the surgical removal of one (usually for a parathyroid adenoma) or multiple (usually for parathyroid hyperplasia) diseased parathyroid glands. This could be performed either in the hospital or an outpatient surgical center. In general, the patient is put completely to sleep (general anesthesia). The total time can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the extent of surgery required.

An incision is made low in the neck. Occasionally a drain is placed in the neck to help reduce swelling or risk of bleeding. Your doctor will inform you to stop certain medications that thin the blood reducing the risk of bleeding.  Infection is extremely rare.  

You surgeon may opt to use various technologies in the operating room to help with the successful identification and removal of the abnormal parathyroid tissue. These technologies may include the use of an Intraoperative Nuclear Probe and/or Intraoperative Rapid Parathyroid Hormone Blood Test.

There are other structures in the neck that your surgeon needs to be careful working near. The vocal cord nerves are just deep to the parathyroid glands.  If the nerves are inadvertently injured you may experience hoarseness, breathing trouble, and even swallowing problems. Usually this is temporary, but can occasionally be permanent (<1% chance). Other nerves/muscles control the “singing voice” and may be affected by surgery and the healing process.

The four Parathyroid glands are situated adjacent to the thyroid and if all are inadvertently injured or removed, you may experience numbness or tingling in your fingers or lips. Less than 1% of the time this could be permanent, but most of the time the injury to the remaining parathyroid glands is temporary resulting in the need to take calcium supplements briefly.

Removal of part of the thyroid gland may be required to help find an elusive abnormal parathyroid gland. This occasionally results in the need to take supplemental thyroid replacement medication (i.e. Synthroid) permanently.

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to drive a car in 2 days, exercise in 1 week, and return to work in 1 week.

There are certain situations that may necessitate the need for further surgeries to remove more parathyroid glands in the future. This cannot always be predicted. This is not a failure of the initial surgery but more likely a secondary abnormality of the parathyroid glands.

What is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)?

Laryngopharyngeal reflux is the backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus, and then into the throat. In Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), the acid irritates the tissues of the esophagus (the feeding tube that connects the stomach and the throat) and the symptoms are primarily heartburn and indigestion. In LPR, the acid spends very little time in the esophagus and rises to the level of the throat and larynx (voice box) and causes swelling and irritation in these areas.

How is LPR treated?

Treatment for LPR includes a combination of behavioral modification and medical therapy. Behavioral modifications include weight reduction, avoidance of late night eating and avoidance of products/foods that trigger acid reflux. Common triggers of acid reflux include alcohol, tobacco, spicy foods, fatty foods, caffeine, chocolate and peppermint. Additionally, sleeping with the head of the bed elevated may be helpful.

The goal of medical therapy in LPR is to reduce the production of stomach acid and its affects. This is primarily achieved through a class of medications called proton-pump inhibitors (prilosec, nexium, aciphex, prevacid, protonix) as well as H2 blockers (pepcid, zantac) and antacids (maalox, mylanta). Once the diagnosis of LPR has been made, a trial of one or more of these medications is initiated for several weeks to months. The doses and frequency of these medications are often adjusted based on the patient’s response to treatment.

Hoarseness is defined as an abnormal voice caused by interruption of vocal cord closure and vibration. Most commonly hoarseness develops from benign causes such as upper respiratory infections, vocal abuse, gastroesophageal reflux disease and advancing age. Vocal cord nodules, polyps, granulomas, paralysis and cancer are less common causes.

Symptoms and Types

Unexplained hoarseness lasting more than three weeks should usually prompt an evaluation as to its cause. An ear, nose and throat specialist will first obtain a history of the complaint, including the quality of the hoarseness, its severity, the length of time the hoarseness has been present, and any factors that either aggravate or alleviate it.

Diagnosis and Tests

After obtaining the history, the physician reviews any pertinent medication history and social history that may affect the voice, including the use of tobacco and alcohol.

A thorough head and neck examination, including inspection for neck masses or surgical scars, the state of oral hydration, or the presence of any nasal or postnasal drainage, is then performed.

Finally, the physician examines the larynx, or voice box, to determine whether any visible pathology exists. This is usually accomplished using fiberoptic laryngoscopy. A simple procedure performed in the office, usually requiring only a few minutes.

Based on the specific findings on this examination, the specialist can present a diagnosis and treatment plan to the patient.

Treatment and Care

To prevent and treat mild hoarseness:

  • Do not smoke, avoid noxious fumes and secondary smoke
  • Hydrate
  • 8 glasses of water a day
  • Chew gum, suck on hard candies
  • Keep environment humid
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol – these cause the body to lose water
  • Treat Gastroespohageal Reflux Disease (GERD) if present
  • Avoid loud or prolonged voice use
  • Do not clear throat
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid over the counter antihistamines that cause dryness
  • Avoid menthol throat lozenges that dry the throat
  • "Warm up" vocal muscles prior to prolonged use
  • Rest your voice after vigorous use
  • Use a microphone where you need to project your voice

Patient Testimonials

I highly recommend Dr. Loochtan with Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians. I have been seeing him for over a year now and appreciate the excellent care I have received. Dr. Loochtan is warm, friendly and considerate. The office is very professional and efficient. If you need an ENT doctor, schedule an appointment with Dr. Loochtan! - PJ

Dr. Friedman is very personable and thorough with his exams! Everyone at Ohio ENT & Allergy has always been very pleasant in my experience. They are timely and you’re in and out quickly.- Karen

The best allergist you can find I recommend everyone visit Dr. Bagenstose he is the best.- Alberta

I would recommend the doctors at Ohio ENT and Allergy. They listen to you talk to you about your health issues. very nice people that work there. very pleased with them.- Nancy

I love Dr. Bagenstose and his team! I have multiple food and environmental allergies. Dr. Bagenstose has a great bedside manner. He also always has a plan and writes out everything I need to do as a patient. His team is also very hospitable. I wouldn't trust my care to anyone else.- Marc

Thoughtful, professional care.- Angela

Dr. Bockenstedt is amazing with children! - Teryn

The staff here are always kind and courteous. I have always had nothing but a great experience here from the time I've walked in the door, until the time I've left. I've seen both Dr.'s Fleming and Kramer. Would highly recommend them both! - Chelsea

He has been my doctor over 10 years service has always been good the product has always been good he also services my daughter we're very pleased very pleased we thank you.- Nick

Dr. Friedman has been caring, and I emphasize “caring,” for my son since 2007. My son is severely allergic to numerous foods and environmental agents. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his field but he is very good with children. Every appointment with Dr. Friedman over all these years have been fun for both my son, my husband and myself—well except for the very itchy skin tests that my son has to endure—but Dr. Friedman along with his nurses and staff do their very best to make him comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Friedman to anyone with a child with food allergies, in fact I have directed many parents over the years to Dr. Friedman and all those families have been so thankful. I hope that Dr. Friedman continues to practice for many more years.- Karin

Excellent care and attention! Dr. Tompkins is fantastic with both visits and surgery. Highly recommend!! - Allison

Dr. Tompkins was very professional and thorough. He was patient in answering all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Would definitely come back.- Alla

Dr. Hirsch is awesome! My husband and my kids are now 19 and 15, and Dr. Hirsch put ear tubes in their ears when they were both babies. When our daughter was 4, he removed her tonsils and adenoids. He secured our trust easily with his kindness and knowledge. Very recently, he helped us fix a very unusual and scary issue as a result of a head injury my son sustained. My husband and I are very thankful that Dr. Hirsch was able to give us peace of mind and take care of our son. We also liked that he spoke to our son (15) with a good rapport and included him in his treatment plan. As a result, our son also has confidence in and respect for Dr. Hirsch. In addition to all of this, every time we visit his office, we know that we will not wait. Often, if we show up a little early, we are out before our scheduled appointment time. As a busy family, we appreciate the consideration of our time. And, by the way, Dr. Hirsch's photography displayed in the office is amazing! - Amy K. 

Dr. Hirsch was always on time for each of my appointments. He even greeted me and called me back for one of my appointment. I never felt rushed and Dr. Hirsch always explained everything he was going to do ahead of time and explained WHY he was going to do it. He never did any procedure without making sure I was comfortable with it first. My surgery was a success in large part because of the time he took to give me the hows and whys of everything. I always left feeling like I had gained a useful education that I could use in the future. Good doctors are a dime a dozen. Great doctors are so hard to find and I count Dr. Steven M. Hirsch as one of those great doctors. - Lorie M. 

AMAZING group of doctors, fabulous staff and nice atmosphere to be in. I would recommend this group to any family member or friend! - Emily H.

My family and I have been patients of Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians for at least 20 years. Infact, they now serve the third generation of our growing family! We have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism by their entire staff. The physicians have always had a gentle way with patients as well as solutions that work. We would never go anywhere else!  - Jennie V.

My 7 Y.O. Son was seen and treated for some pretty involved sinus issues. From our initial consultation, outpatient surgery, and all follow up visits we have been treated wonderfully and on time. The treatment rendered has been a real game changer for my son and we are so thankful for the care we have received. Outstanding team effort across the board. Thank you!!!!! - Michael F. 

I am seeing Dr. Alfred Fleming for issues with my left ear. He is very thorough, attentive and compassionate in his care. I needed surgery to restore my hearing and he saw me in his office one day and scheduled me the very next day for the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Fleming at Ohio ENT! – Andra T.

Saw Dr. Gupta for my throat. He took care of my throat problem. He is a great doctor, and I would recommend him to any of my family. I had great experience at the clime road office. The staff is friendly and very professional. Highly recommend Dr. Gupta.- Kenneth

I had been having severe sinus issues for over a year. I went to see Dr. Lowery. He diagnosed my issues, and solved my problems within a month! I would highly recommend, and currently refer my family and friends, to Dr. Lowery! - Jean

This was the first time I met with Dr. O'Brien, and I could not have been more pleased. The check-in was fast, and the wait time within reason. His nurse Jill was caring, efficient, and very friendly. Dr.O'Brien clearly explained what procedures he was going to do and what I could expect to experience. The scope of my nostrils was the first I have ever had, and all went well. He listened to what I was saying, and I never felt rushed during our appointment. I would recommend him highly. - Susan

I had my first consultation with Dr. Powell...I loved him right away .. very nice and took the time to explain what options I had for my situation and let me decide...WiII be having surgery with him soon. – Delilah C.

Dr. Goebel is an excellent caring doctor that will sit down and listen to everything your going though and ask you multiple times if you have any questions. she was very reassuring when explaining what the allergy examination was going to be like and the plan for afterwards. We need more doctors like Dr. Goebel. - Dillon H. 

It has been 14 years since I had my thyroidectomy at Riverside with Dr. Michael Martyn. He had the best bedside manner. He took extra time to answer all my questions. My scar is not noticeable. During my first surgery he removed my left thyroid that had a large goiter. He was conservative due to my age being 25 at the time. Only to find out my pathological results came back that I had thyroid cancer. He called me to inform me of the results and took me back to surgery.He removed my thyroid lobe on the right side and some lymphnodes that came back clear. I was very lucky that my Endocrinologist Dr. Angela Bucci referred me to him. Since the surgery I became a RN myself and I work in surgery in my hometown. It truly is amazing I was able to get a second chance at life and have a family. I own this man a huge thank you! - Jamie L.

Dr. Jeffrey Hall is a highly skilled surgeon, and I would highly recommend him for any ENT/Plastics surgical intervention. - TLR

Absolutely the best ENT in Columbus! He is both knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Martyn put tubes in for my child just before his second birthday and he has been ear infection free since that surgery. In addition, I've seen him for ongoing ear pain and he was quick to understand the issue and come up with a solution. Making appointments is a breeze and I've never waited longer than 10 minutes to see him. His nurse is very friendly as well and the location provides easy parking and a clean atmosphere. Can't say enough great things about Dr. Martyn and Ohio ENT. - Beth M. 

Just saw Dr. Hauswirth for my 18 month old daughter. What a wonderful and patient doctor he is. He spent lots of time with us and answered all of our questions. And FYI I'm a doctor myself and very picky. - Doc

Dr. Martyn is an awesome doctor that did my thyroid cancer surgery when I was 26 years old. I'm 39 now and you can't see the scar at all. I'm so grateful for him and he also just did another surgery on my lymph node and you can barely see That scar. I have never had any issues with this office and I have been going here for 13 years and I will continue to. - Shannon W.

We’ve used Dr. Friedman for years. My daughter and my husband were originally patients of his until their allergies were under control by their shots. Now I’m going due a new allergy. I love the on-line registration for appointments. It speeds up registering and it shortens my wait time. When I get into the back area, the staff is friendly, patient, and professional. In an emergency situation, all staff were onboard, quick to administer appropriate care, and calm. I’ve referred his office multiple times in the past and will continue in the future. - Gail G.

Dr. Fleming and his staff are great! My daughter has been his patient for years and had several surgeries. I wouldn’t trust anyone more than Dr. Fleming! I highly recommend him and Ohio ENT! - Tara B. 

Dr. Lowery was very kind and thorough. He had another doctor come in and verify his findings. I’m impressed with these doctors. It was worth waiting a little while longer for peace of mind - Debby Z. 

When I needed an ENT specialist I searched in the Columbus area as I am from Mansfield. I chose Dr. Alfred Fleming from the list expecting to find an experienced doctor with many years under his belt. To my surprise I was met with a young doctor who far exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He listens, asks questions and takes his time with me. I have never had any problem with any of the staff either! - Malia S.

I am seeing Dr. Alfred Flemming for issues with my left ear. He is very thorough, attentive and compassionate in his care. I needed surgery to restore my hearing and he saw me in his office one day and scheduled me the very next day for the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Flemming at Ohio ENT! - Andra T.

Dr. Shaw is an excellent Doctor and surgeon. Highly recommended him to anyone. - Ed B.

My family has seen doctors at this facility for almost 10 years. My youngest son has had 3 procedures (tubes/tonsils) by Dr. Jeffrey Hall; I've seen Dr. Hall for my own sinus/allergy issues as well. I have have a full panel screening done for allergies as well. This past month I had a full thyroidectomy due to large nodules on the thyroid. I was referred to Dr. Alfred Fleming and could not have been more pleased. I never felt rushed, asked all questions, everything was thorough and resources provided. His medical staff was incredibly helpful. I had some reactions due to low calcium a few days later over the Easter holiday weekend and called the on-call doctor. Dr. Willett was wonderful. He was truly interested in how I was doing we made plans to speak each morning and evening of the weekend to make sure I was improving. The surgical center staff, next door and used by Ohio ENT, are fabulous. They are so caring and helpful. I send anyone with kids ENT issues or adults I know to this ENT office. You cannot go wrong. Highly recommend all. - Julie D. 

Had a fantastic experience here! Professional, on-time, and staff who cared. Doctor had latest technology and worked with ease. Would highly recommend! - Patrick R.

I love Dr. David Powell!! I've been seeing him for over 3 years now!! I have nothing but positive things to say about him!! I use to get sick so often and went through so many doctors that could help me or had no clue on what was going on. Dr. Powell instead, from the first vist was so helpful, knew exactly what was going on and since than my quality of life is so much better. They answer the phone and are available every single time I need them for anything! Staff is really friendly and helpful as well!! I really recommend this doctor for anyone that need a great professional. - Aby S.

Dr. Shah is the most patient, and kind doctor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He did my sinus surgery several years back, and I have been seeing him fairly regularly since. He is amazing!! - Kary P.

Very good with our youngest since she was 2 and now 7! I highly recommend Dr. Shah. He’s very kind and patient and very thorough. - Bob C.

I met with Dr. Tobin after years of battling sinusitis to no avail. He was very through and took the matter seriously. He helped me weigh options after ordering diagnostic tests to better understand the source of those problems. He never pushed or tried to sway me in one way or another. Eventually, I decided to go the surgery route and was very impressed with his timeliness and extensive care to ensure quick healing. I highly recommend. - Mary S. 

Dr. Bockenstedt was very friendly and genuinely interested in what was going on. Answered all our questions and basically gave us all scenarios as we hoped! Would definitely recommend to anyone! - Mike C.

Staff was incredibly helpful and nice. Office was very clean and there was free coffee In the waiting room. Dr. Katz was very nice, intelligent, and more helpful than the other two ophthalmologists I have seen for my condition. I highly recommend this office! - Abbey G.

Dr. Basaran has all the qualities of a great physician! He takes his time, listens to the patient, doesn't rush and puts his patient's well being at the top of his priority. He listened to my symptoms and it ended up being mild asthma. I now feel so much better. He stayed late on a Friday afternoon to examine my extreme reaction after receiving my first allergy injection, and I never felt rushed by either him or his staff that day. You'll be in very capable and caring hands with this doc - Devi

By far one of the nicest and most competent Doctor I have ever met. I can't think of anything negative to say. [Dr. Spiess] was on time, extremely friendly, professional and a genuinely nice person. You will not find anybody better - Mark A.

Very skilled ENT. I had fluid in my middle ear after the flu. After I failed to respond to meds, doctor placed a tube in my ear to drain the fluid. It wasn’t fun, but he explained everything he was doing and made it as comfortable as possibles. - Roy W.

Dr. [Eickholt] has helped with my sleep apnea. He is very bright, caring and professional. - Anonymous

Dr. Ryoo saw my son in July of 2017. After going to several doctors and a lot of expensvie tests with no answers, Dr. Ryoo knew exactly what the problem was and he was scheduled for surgery with two weeks. Dr. Ryoo made my son and myself feel very comfortable and her bedside manner was excellent. I would Highly recommend her! - Mack

Great experience with Dr. Burkhart and his staff. Never having any type of surgery before he explained everything in detail. It was very easy to understand. Such a huge difference in how I can breathe now! - Mike S.

I have had great experiences through Dr. Spiess and his office, (despite the debriding post surgery. Ouch!). He is always on time and is very kind. My sinus surgery helped alleviate headaches and long term misery. His staff is always friendly and efficient.- Mindy M.

I've gone through Several sinus surgeries and procedures with Doctor Tobin. I trust him with my life, and he's a truly wonderful Doctor, and friend! If you need to see him for any reason he will help you, or find someone who can. Awesome. Thanks for everything Doctor Tobin. - Heather

I saw Dr. Tobin for a mucocele on a salivary gland. He was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I will be seeing him again for a problem with my ears. I would not hesitate to make an appointment here and recommend Dr. Tobin highly. - G C R. 

The office staff as well as the nurses were so kind and efficient. Dr. Goebel was very knowledgeable and very good at explaining my allergy test and the outcome. Excellent care. - Anonymous

Dr. Loochtan is professional, knowledgeable and caring. I am grateful that Dr. Loochtan saw me on a Friday late afternoon and after examining me knew how to treat me. His care did not stop there, but continued on with me at the hospital on Saturday and Sunday. My family and I appreciate Dr. Loochtan and will forever be grateful. Thank you. - Karen H.

Dr. Basaran and the staff were very friendly and professional. We were very pleased by the level of care our one year old son was given during his allergy testing. Excellent job! - Jason M.  

Dr. Burkhart is incredibly friendly and patient. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and in a way I could easily understand. He always immediately knew the best course of action for my sinus problems and following surgery he was very responsive to all of my concerns. Recovery has been quick for me thanks to his quality work. Highly recommended! - Evan C. 

Dr. Dzodzomenyo patient and understanding while explaining my sleep apnea, including test results and Medicare requirements for apena including AHI vs RERA indices. He and his staff worked with me, Medicare and my supplemental insurance to get the needed tests, diagnoses and documentation to accommodate my apnea needs. Sleep studies were done both locally and in-home to qualify me. I appreciate Dr. Dzodzomenyo and his staff's patience and diligence through this re-certification effort. - Doug

Dr. Lowery and his Staff are True Professionals in every sense. From the moment you enter Ohio ENT until you leave you are treated with First Rate Care by everyone you encounter during your visit. They are the Best!!! - James T.

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